Calling All Aritsts: 

If you would like to send artwork, jewelry, whatever you make to me, I can make sure anything unsold gets shipped back, as long as you enclose paid shipping labels, etc. Normally, the artists are local and drop off the work, but I thought I would try getting some artists who are further away by offering outside the area.

Decatur Area Aritists Against Aids is having its 3rd Annual Benefit:
This  year we are in an old movie theatre in decatur that is being restored...The Lincoln Square Theatre

December 2nd is the invitation only opening (tickets are $15).

There will be music, ouerdurves...wine, etc.

We will also be open for the Downtown xmas Walk on the 3rd and 4th. It is a 3 day event this year.

I have mailed 290 calls to artists and we hoping for an even bigger response this year...each year we grow a little more and are able to donate more monies to decatur organizations for aids awareness, education and research.

If you are interested, send me an email and i can send you an application with the info.

Thanks for considering a good cause.
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this semester mfa work...finally have pics.

shot of scroll various widths x 100 feet, "january 17, 2007-april2, 2008:a hundred years", toilet paper, encyclopedia pages, various papers and mixed media.

detail of scroll front

detail of scroll back

"sacrifice" 38"x24"x18", toddler bed is plexi-glas, sawed and burnt encyclopedias, mattress is stacked and burned old art work, baby blanket and pillow is skeletal relief patchwork paper, made from toilet paper.

"sacrifice", different view

"sacrifice", detail of mattress, blanket and pillow

"untitled", toilet paper, ink, 4 feet x 6 feet

"untitled", toilet paper, mixed, media, various dimensions.

march 29th

the 100 ft visual scroll is complete on the front...but i decided to do the back...so i made a linoleum print and printed the back...no easy task. the back is printed and now i need to do a gel coating on it and attach it, as it is currently in 4 pieces.

probably it will take some time as i will need to make sure it is thoroughly before i roll it up and do the next section...etc, etc.

then i have to do the same to the front of it...

no pics...my new computer will not accept my 3 yr. old digital camera...it is apparently too archaic.

i have about 300 hours into this scroll...and 50 hours in the toilet paper baby blanket and pillow...only 2 pieces for the semester done so far...but they are substantial works...so i need to get over that i dont have more to show yet.

and i still need to figure out a light box cradle or bed for the blanket when i get home in two weeks.

but i have 8 weeks after im home to do more work...i just figure the next two weeks im here in mexico will be applying medium to the scroll. exciting.

back online

my computer crashed almost a month ago...kevin just brouhgt me a new one and im back on line....i worked two 50 hours weeks and read about 40 hours each of the weeks...got thru 3 and half theory books. so alot accomplished...the scroll is 75 ft. long now....25 more ft. to go.

may be leaving mexico a few weeks early...kev has to have his knee surgery redone.

i worked the 5o hours the last two weeks in studio because kevin is here now for two weeks and i dont plan on working til he goes home.

bye for now.

february 13th and 14th

yesterday i worked on putting together a couple pieces of the scroll ive been working on...conntected them to the rest of the scroll...i have about 40 ft. now. also started another part for the scroll...i am hoping to have 20 more feet in the next couple of weeks...and then double that by the time i leave mexico...thats my goal anyway.

today will be more of the same...adding to the scroll.

supposed to try a new burger place out with kate tonite. that is our pathetic valentines plan (because kevin is in the states and kate doesnt have plans) and then tomorrow nite to top off the valentines weekend we are going to play mexican train (a dominos game that mexicans call cuban train) with some other people and order pizza...wew hew!

happy valentines day!

february 11th and 12th

yesterday i cleaned the house...did some marketing...kate came for late lunch...big hail and rain storm in the evening.

studio today...going to make big sheets of tp paper.

february 6th and 9th

yesterday did drawing...and worked on web site for work

today started a painting and worked on website for work

did some research from residency notes both evenings.

probably do some reading now for theory paper.